I know a guy that works on the show. He is a grip... and he did somthing for me that he has told me numerous times is "somthing you don't do when you work in the buisness".. Xmas 98' I had a HUGE bag of "goodies" at his house.. When I opened it, I found a yellow T70S shirt... and a script..(The First Date).... signed personally to me by all of the cast.. (I had what Danny wrote me scanned once because no one believed me...) Wilmer's said "Lauren-Look out for the whore", Don's said "Bargin Bob says oh geeze" and I looked around for what Danny's said (my mom was more excited then I was at this point because she'd already seen it and wanted my reaction..)Finally I found it.. it said, "Lauren- I know you sneak in, but I won't tell :)"... (I was only 14 and you had to be 16 to watch a taping) Needless to say I was happier then a cat on catnip!


Thank you, Lauren, for contributing to this site! May the 'fro be with you!