"Disco is from hell, ok. And not the cool part of hell with all the murderers, but the lame ass part where the really bad accountants live."

"The magic ‘fro, baby."

"Mother of God, I think I love you."

"You're dark, you're obnoxious, you're dangerously paranoid. Until tonight I didn't even know a girl like you existed."

"Punk is the anihilistic outcry against the corporate rock 'n' roll takeover. It's the soundtrack to the revolution man."

"Welcome to Camp Naughty Bad Fun!"

"Dating is prostitution, man, only you don't always get what you pay for."

"Man, keeping the government out of it, I'm so with you."

"Kelso man, I got a thousand insults, and no pizza is gonna make...(Kelso waves a slice in front of him) Is that sausage? You brilliant bastard. (Grabs the slice)"

"It doesn't look like a pot leaf. It looks like a hand giving me the finger."

"Sorry? Why? We got to watch you fall. Man, I had a blast!"

"If I don't see some space juggs I'm gonna be super pissed."

"You know Forman, I'm a romantic, so I say you choke him 'til his eyes pop out!"

"The three true branches of the government are military, corporate and Hollywood."

"A man being eaten by a giant clam. Now I'm not Sigmund Frued but-"

"We're making a volcano.(to Eric) Snigglefrits!"

"I don't care when you ate Fez, get in the pool now!"

"You heard her, lets drink beer."

"You saw a keg and you didn't say anything?! Back of the line."

"(screaming) Nnnnnooooooo... (crouches and holds onto the keg)."

"You know it seems to me that the scrawny little neighbor boy is willing to engage in criminal acts for that saucy redhead next door."

"Red's got Bicentenniel swizzle sticks, he's got fake lemons with real lemon juice, he's got toothpicks shaped like swords, Red Foreman is a cocktail dad. And cocktail dad's, have beer taps."

"She's not a goddess. She's more the earth mother whore type, which works for me."

"If we were at the beach, Kelso would be in the water right now."

"The party has reached critical mass. In ten minutes there will be no more beer opportunities!"