Updated News section with the Driven episode schedule that Danny is featured in.


Wow! Have I been busy redesigning, as most of you can probably tell. We have lots of site news, so let's get started.

First of all, I got off my lazy arse and learned some more advanced HTML, Javascript, and all of that fun programming stuff. Then I stole my brother's gorgeous PowerBook G4, downloaded trial versions of Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver MX. Then I redesigned the site :o)

New site features include a Games section, a new poll, a couple not-really-new pics, and most of all--a new address! We are now www.dannymasterson.tk! Hurray for shorter, easier to remember URL's! Don't forget to update your bookmarks. Hopefully, if I can complete obligations to other sites in time, there will be other updates as well. Enjoy the new site!


Brand new sections include the Guide to That 70's Show Tapings and About the Site. Also, there is now a link to contact me. Planning more updates soon...


Check out the new Tagboard! Feel free to talk away about all things Danny! And take the poll below, too! :o)


Updated News section. Interesting Danny tidbits.


I am now completely finished remodeling the site. Even if you have viewed the entire site before, I welcome you to go through it all again. I feel that it is now much more navigatable and stylish, not to mention orderly.

Here are some of the main renovations that have been done:
All images in the Pictures, Artwork, and Autographs sections are now working! Hurray!
A new layout.
New links. You can also find a banner to link to this site there.

Also, there is the new Downloads section. It will feature wallpapers, Live Journal icons, and AIM icons. It is small right now, but it will grow quickly. Right now an AIM icon is up, but due to problems with my Internet provider, I cannot see if it working correctly. Hopefully I will be able to solve this problem soon.

One other issue I'd like to address is my e-mail. Previously, I could only be contacted through the signing of the guestbook. I didn't want to publish my e-mail for fear of hate mail, creepy psychos, etc. But I've found that it this creates a barrier in communication with visitors. So, once I fix the problems I'm having with my ISP, everyone will be able to contact me directly and to send me comments and additions to the site. I also intend on responding to several of the guests in the guestbook. I would've done this earlier, but once again, I don't have a personal e-mail account right now.

Thank you for visiting, and I urge you to explore the site. Please come back soon!


As you can see, this page is going through some massive reconstruction. After a hectic year in which I practically ignored this site, I feel that I owe it to Danny fans to update and improve it. I'm finishing up my spring break right now, and I hope to have fixed the site up by the 13th. This box will be for site updates, and the News section will be for news about Danny.

Disclaimer: This site is not an official Danny Masterson website. That means that he probably doesn't see anything on here, nor does he review it. I do not claim to know him. Unfortunately, he doesn't claim to know me either, lol. Anyways, this an unofficial site.