"From day one we hit it off. We're constantly joking around and being told to get to work. It's like working with your brothers and sisters." ~ On working with the cast of "That '70s Show"

"I'd say that was the most star-struck I'd ever been was meeting "The Fonz" when I was a kid."

"I like to play hockey. I like to bowl. I do normal stuff...work around the house. Stuff like that."

"Stick with it, if this is what you want to do. Get ready for a lot of disappointment, but don't let it bother you. I think if you don't care that much about every job, and you get it, it's a little easier when you don't and a lot nicer when you do." ~ Advice for those getting started in the business.

"My goals in life are to make this show a success. To do some great feature films. Primarily dramatic roles and have a good time with life."

"I say "yo dude," and I call people "bro"... I think that's about it." ~ On things he says a lot

"No, I think we're all just pretty much a bunch of perverts. And I like to flirt with Debra Jo. She blushes when I do. I talk sports with Kurtwood. And with the rest of the kids, we just sexually harass each other. : )" ~ When asked if the range of ages of the cast affects the environment of the set

I'm excited to say that I was born with the 'fro. Born with the 'fro, die with the 'fro... until it falls out, at least."

"I spend a lot of time with Ashton and Wilmer and Laura. Topher is a great guy, but we have different personalities. And Mila just got her driver's license, so she can't get in anywhere. But she's good fun to hang out with." ~ When asked if he's good friends with the rest of the cast

"'Cause smokin' dope is for losers." ~ When asked why don't they smoke more on the show

" I think the "Electric Company." And I watched a lot of "Sesame Street." I liked Bob Ross... the guy who painted happy little clouds. And "Great Space Coaster!" ~ On his favorite shows growing up

"I don't know Pokemon. I think that it's probably rad, but I'm still trying to figure out Magic: The Gathering, so I'm a little slow. I do have a lot of Garbage Pail Kids, though. And I had a million Topps baseball cards when I was a kid." ~ When asked about Pokemon

"But braces are cool. I think all people with braces should chew tin foil. Doesn't it make them spark?" ~ When asked if he ever had braces

"She doesn't particularly turn me on." ~ On Jennifer Love Hewitt

"I'd like to work with Sean Penn and Gary Oldman."

"Our writers are sick bastards." ~ On "That '70s Show"

"I can bowl with a beer in my left hand, which is quite a talent."

"I wouldn't personally put on jeans that I would have to zip up with a pair of pliers." ~ On his character, Hyde

"That would definitely be my mom." ~ On his biggest inspiration

"If I enjoy someone's company and they intellectually stimulate me, they become a friend. If I can trust them, they're a friend. I don't care if they're famous or not."

"I would do the generic go to school and probably be forced into going to college and into a career that I wouldn't be enjoying." ~ On how his life would be different if he hadn't gone into acting

"I want to also start producing small films that I act in, which I'm going to be able to do with Skyline."

"I actually live in the ghetto. It's a lot of fun."

"I get sick of hearing stories about kids getting screwed up from being in the business. Every kid and adult has a responsibility, and if they keep their responsibility at a good level, they'll have fun at what they're doing."

"Teachers were not supportive of my career, and they would take things out on me. They could not respect the fact that I had a career at such a young age." ~ On schooling as a child

"My all-time favortie band is Pearl Jam. I spent a lot of money on bootleg albums. I love Tricky, Black Crowes, Rolling Stones, acid jazz, hip hop, swing music, Benny Goodman. I hate country and I hate opera."

"People forcing their opinions on you and expecting you to take them, and when you don't, getting very angry with you. That really drives me crazy." ~ On what his biggest pet peeve is

"My favorite dramatic role would be a role on "NYPD" I did where I was a coke addict."

<"I attempted to go to acting classes, found that I didn't learn much and I got it from working." ~When asked where he got his training in the field

"I'm not a method actor. I don't stay in character in between scenes."

"I wouldn't want to star in my own TV show."

"I would much rather be in movies." ~ When asked whether he likes doing TV or movies better

"TV show is a hell of a lot easier." ~ When asked on the difference between working TV and movies.

"My mom and my girlfriend are my two best friends."

"I'd like to be on his show, and he'd like to be on this one." ~ On his brother Chris's show, "Malcolm In the Middle"

"I wore sideburns since I was able to grow them--just because it would make me look older and I could get into bars."

"I've also heard Drew Barrymore wants to be on the show. In fact, she yelled at Ashton because she hates what my character is doing to Jackie." ~ When asked if there will be any special guest stars

"It's not my responsibility, and thank God, as I have the least amount of fashion sense of the cast." ~When asked if it's hard to keep up with the '70s trends

"It's amazing to me how much stars' asses are kissed. They've got their entourage of people following them around, clipping their nails and parting their hair. I've noticed this on so many different jobs, and it's still unbelievable."

"That's so f---in' sweet! That's f---in' cool, thank you!" ~When I gave him a birthday present

"People were doing drugs, actually. I find many adults saying, 'I don't quite remember the '70s. I think there was a gas shortage somewhere in the middle.'" ~Talking about the '70s with TV Guide

"You can get lazy on the show, so I try to make it fresh." ~On working on side projects

"Yeah, he's the one who made the whole point of the easy sex!" ~Talking about Ashton